Reopening of the Bourdelle Museum in Paris Montparnasse

The Bourdelle Museum reopened on 6 March after several months of renovation. After visiting Mariola’s B&B near the metro station Falguière in Montparnasse area I went to the Bourdelle Museum on its reopening day. However I have been a little bit disappointed as some of the museum’s rooms were still closed. For that reason I recommend you to plan your visit from 1st April. Indeed on that date the temporary exhibition “Mannequin d’artiste, mannequin fétiche” is starting and the renovation should be ended and all the rooms reopened.

Musee Bourdelle Paris_Plasters hall entrance
Musee Bourdelle Paris Plasters’ hall Entrance

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Top Three Souvenirs Shops in Paris

I do not like much the tiny cluttered souvenirs shops which are opposite the Louvre in the Rue de Rivoli or in the surroundings of Notre Dame or the Sacré Coeur. All those shops offer the same souvenirs : Eiffel Towers, bags or Tshirt “I love Paris” or “Paris University”, …, all made in China. You will find the same in London, Venice or New York ; just replace Paris with London on it and your bag will become a souvenir from London ! That is the reason why I have decided to make you discover my Top Threee souvenirs shops in Paris.

THE most official : paris rendez vous
Paris rendez vous The shop
Paris Rendez Vous The shop

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Metro Station of the Month : Arts et Métiers (line 11)

Every month I will make you discover one of my favourite metro stations in Paris. Indeed some of them are true gems of the underground Parisian life. Number one ranking : Arts et Métiers, on lines 11 and 3, in third arrondissement of Paris. Do not take the wrong metro line. The platform I am talking about is on line 11 direction Châtelet or Mairie des Lilas.

The station is fully covered with copper. There are gearwheels on the ceiling and portholes on the walls. The whole looks like the Nautilus, the famous submarine in Jules Verne’s novel : vingt mille lieux sous les mers. This decor was built in 1994 by Peeters and Schuitten to celebrate the bicentennial of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers located nearby and dedicated to technological innovation.

Back to earth : the Musée des Arts et Métiers, near the metro way out, was refurbished in 2000 and exhibits about 2400 inventions. It’s really worth a visit !

Practical information : Website of the RATP

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