The Butte aux Cailles: a Must-See Village in Paris

The Butte aux Cailles is a village-like oasis located on the left bank of Paris in 13th arrondissement. It is the highest place on the left bank after the Montagne Sainte Geneviève and it peaks at… 63 meters! The Place Paul Verlaine is the top of the Butte.

The Butte aux Cailles was annexed into Paris in 1860 and was historically a working class district. It has progressively become a favourite spot for artists and hipsters. Nevertheless it has kept its village atmosphere and has not changed much since 1945 thanks to its narrow cobblestone streets and its lovely houses which cannot be replaced by higher buildings because of the limestone quarries underground. And even if the number of bars and restaurants has increased, there are still no fashion shop and no supermarket there!

At the crossing rue de la Butte aux Cailles and rue des Cinq Diamants
At the crossing rue de la Butte aux Cailles and rue des Cinq Diamants

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‘Petite Fleur Folies’: an Ephemeral Garden in Paris until 21 June

If you happen to be in Paris during the weekend I suggest you to have a walk along the Seine on the left bank next to the Pont d’Iéna. There, on both sides of the bridge at the river level (Port de Suffren westerly and Port de la Bourdonnais easterly) an extraordinary ephemeral garden has been laid for four days only.

500,000 flowers and more than one hundred varieties of plants have been displayed in colouful harmonious flower beds: white, yellow, orange, pink and purple. And among them eight eccentric metallic sculptures offer recreational activities: a slide is hidden into a cow; a tree has been converted into a merry-go-round for three kids; another cow is hiding ropes and rope ladders, … They are called the ‘Créatiles’ and invite you and your children to interact and play.

As this event has been set up by Yoplait (whose logo is a colourful little flower – ‘la petite fleur’) to celebrate its 50th anniversary, you will also be invited to taste some of their yoghurts: take one, have a seat by the water and enjoy nature sitting between the flowers and the river! I really recommend you this family walk either today or during the week-end as this event is to end on Sunday night.

And on the occasion of the ‘Fête de la Musique‘ several concerts will be given there on Saturday 20th June and Sunday 21st June by six international marching bands!

Christine Bokobza – Good Morning Paris B&B –

Practical information: Petite Fleur Folies – Port de Suffren & Port de la Bourdonnais – 75007 Paris

The Best Of Paris by Night: On the Pont des Arts

Last Thursday my husband and I went for a walk to the Pont des Arts so as to enjoy the very special atmosphere of this pedestrian bridge at night and to take pictures of the amazing views on Paris one can admire from there.

The walk from the Rue Lacépède took about twenty five minutes through the Quartier latin. We had dinner in a good and very welcoming Italian restaurant just before arriving to the Ponts des Arts in the rue Mazarine, Amore & Gelosia: the Calamari fritti were excellent ; the pasta were good too and generously served ; and the waitresses were smiling and thoughtful!

We left the restaurant at night and kept walking towards the Seine. A few meters further in the rue Mazarine we noticed another restaurant with a pleasant outdoor terrace which could have been another nice place where to have dinner: it is called the Bistro Mazarin and is located at the corner of rue Mazarine and rue Jacques Callot. We have not tasted the food but it seems to be a traditional French Bistro and the terrace looks really great!

Pont des Arts-Paris-Rue Mazarine
Pont des Arts – Paris – Bistro Rue Mazarine

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