A Foretaste of Easter: le Train du Chocolat is in Paris

You are fond of chocolate? You are counting the days until Easter? If you are in Paris this week I suggest you to visit the ‘Train du Chocolat’. It is a real train made of four carriages which goes from station to station in Paris and offers a free exhibition to learn more about the history, the production and the tasting of cocoa and chocolate.

Who were the first eaters of cocoa before men? What is the xocoatl? Who brought cocoa and chocolate from Central America to Spain in 1528? When was built the first chocolate factory in Spain? How did chocolate arrive to France? Who are the top five producers of cocoa? Who are the top five consumers of chocolate? etc

You will get the answers to all those questions in the very interesting exhibition offered by Yves Thuriès in the ‘Train du Chocolat’. The train will stop at the Gare du Nord on Thursday 19 March, at the Gare de l’Est on Saturday 21, and at the Gare Saint Lazare on Sunday 22. And if you miss it, you can either wait until next year… or visit Chocostory, the Parisian Museum of Chocolate, open all year.

#trainduchocolat – Free – Open from 10am till 7pm – Until 22 March

Christine Bokobza – Good Morning Paris B&B – www.goodmorningparis.fr


BHV Marais : So Colourful, So Trendy, … So Parisian !

Last summer the BHV opened its doors after two years of important renovation work with a new name : Le BHV Marais. I have been there to check whether this was only a change in the name or a real transformation. And I could hardly believe it ! In my opinion the BHV used to be the most dusty and old fashioned department store in Paris since the closing down of the Samaritaine (that happened ten years ago). And it is now the most colourful, the most trendy, … in a word the most Parisian of all departments stores in Paris.

Le BHV Marais from the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
Le BHV Marais from the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

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