Velazquez Exhibition in Paris: A Must-see until 13 July!

exhibition Velazquez Paris-shop
Exhibition Velazquez Paris – The shop

The Grand Palais in Paris has been offering since yesterday a major exhibition of the works of the famous Spanish painter Diego Velazquez (1599-1660). This is the first time that an exhibition devoted to Velazquez has been organized in France and it is an opportunity not to be missed for Parisian people to see the works of this artist as the Louvre doesn’t own any of his paintings! I visited the exhibition this morning and here is my first advice: Do not get there without an advanced booking. The exhibition has just started and there is already a long queue and a waiting time estimated to two hours for those who have not bought their ticket in advance. Continue reading Velazquez Exhibition in Paris: A Must-see until 13 July!

The Best of Paris by Night: Around the Pantheon

Last night I went with the guests of Elisabeth’s B&B for a walk nearby their Bed and Breakfast. We met at the Place du Panthéon in front of the Church Saint Etienne du Mont. You probably know Woody Allen’s movie: ‘Midnight in Paris’. If so, you have already seen the facade of Saint Etienne du Mont as it is on the steps of that church that Gil is waiting for the old car which takes him back to the 20s’.

1st stop: Saint Etienne du Mont
Saint Etienne du Mont- Paris place du Pantheon
Saint Etienne du Mont

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A Foretaste of Easter: le Train du Chocolat is in Paris

You are fond of chocolate? You are counting the days until Easter? If you are in Paris this week I suggest you to visit the ‘Train du Chocolat’. It is a real train made of four carriages which goes from station to station in Paris and offers a free exhibition to learn more about the history, the production and the tasting of cocoa and chocolate.

Who were the first eaters of cocoa before men? What is the xocoatl? Who brought cocoa and chocolate from Central America to Spain in 1528? When was built the first chocolate factory in Spain? How did chocolate arrive to France? Who are the top five producers of cocoa? Who are the top five consumers of chocolate? etc

You will get the answers to all those questions in the very interesting exhibition offered by Yves Thuriès in the ‘Train du Chocolat’. The train will stop at the Gare du Nord on Thursday 19 March, at the Gare de l’Est on Saturday 21, and at the Gare Saint Lazare on Sunday 22. And if you miss it, you can either wait until next year… or visit Chocostory, the Parisian Museum of Chocolate, open all year.

#trainduchocolat – Free – Open from 10am till 7pm – Until 22 March

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