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Paris for Free: Le Dressing de Rêve des Parisiens

Le Dressing de rêve des Parisiens‘ is a free exhibition which is taking place in the store ‘Paris Rendez vous’ on the groundfloor of the Hôtel de Ville until 31st October on the occasion of the Fashion Week. You like fashion but are neither a journalist nor a rich or famous person and do not have the opportunity to attend a fashion show? Moreover you cannot afford to buy the expensive clothes designed by the most famous Parisian fashion houses? Go and see this exhibition: I am sure that you will love it!

‘Le Dressing de rêve des Parisiens’ displays clothes, shoes, bags and jewels designed and made by talented Parisian fashion designers: thirty or so in total. They have in common to be representative of the Parisian style: sexy and natural in the same time, smart but also comfortable and using beautiful materials, fabrics and colours. Some of them have been existing for years (1992 or 1996 for the oldest houses) while others have just opened their workshop. All have settled in Paris and their works are designed in Paris and made in France or Europe (even sometimes in Paris!). I loved most of them and when I went out of the exhibition, I felt like going and seeing at least three or four fashion designers’ stores which I did not know before, especially: Ambrym and Miki Mialy, for their women’s fashion; Mi Mai and Philippe Zorzetto, for their lovely shoes!

In the last room of the exhibition there is a large map of Paris with the exact location of each shop. One can see that fashion designers are mainly gathered in a few areas in Paris. Among them THE place for fashion design in Paris is the Haut Marais, an area which covers the better part of 3rd arrondissement: Do not hesitate to stroll there.

Behind the exhibition there is also a book, which was written by two well-known figures of the Paris fashion world, Régis Pennel and Philippe Zorzetto:  ‘Les nouveaux créateurs à Paris’. This book has just been updated, made richer and republished under the same name as the exhibition: ‘Le Dressing de rêve des Parisiens’. If you have loved the clothes diplayed and wish to remember them, to know more about their fashion designers and to visit their shops, you can buy this book on the spot in the store Paris Rendez-Vous (16,90€).

And to know more about the Fashion Week: Twice a year it brings all the top people of the fashion world to Paris, in early March for the presentation of the autumn/winter collections and in early October for the spring/summer collections. The second 2015 edition is taking place these days until 7 October. There is one fashion show after the other and one can admire the new fashion designs either in ‘haute couture’ or in ‘ready to wear’.

Christine Bokobza – Good Morning Paris B&B – www.goodmorningparis.fr

Practical information: Le Dressing de rêve des Parisiens-Paris Rendez-vous-29 rue de Rivoli 75004-10am till 7pm except on Sundays-Until 31 October

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